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We offer Top-notch flooring installation services in Wellington, CO making your spaces beautiful and long-lasting, whether it’s your home or a business.

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Installing the floor is very important when building or improving a place because it affects how it looks and works. If you install the floor correctly, it will last a long time, be safe to walk on and look good even with everyday use. A properly installed floor improves the general atmosphere, helps to create a tidy and expert appearance, and might greatly raise the value of the property. Blazing Hammer LLC is the best residential flooring installation company to give perfect outcomes. We focus on being precise and keeping high standards from the first step of choosing top-quality materials to have skilled workers with a lot of experience do the job. Our group is skilled in, wood, vinyl & laminate flooring installation services. We make sure that each fitting is customized to the client’s particular requirements and fashion sense.

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Our professional hardwood flooring installation contractors use the latest tools and methods for smooth surfaces and strong endurance. We pay close attention to getting the subfloor ready, putting in moisture barriers, and applying glues carefully so that problems like bending or spaces don’t happen later on. Additionally, we are highly dedicated to making our customers happy by working quickly and without causing much interruption, ensuring that projects are finished when promised and do not exceed the planned costs. Selecting our quality hardwood refinishing services ensures a combination of usefulness, attractiveness, and lasting quality that makes your area look beautiful and durable. Call us now and hire our expert services in Wellington, CO.

Get The Hardwood Flooring Installation Services in Wellington, CO

Wooden floors last for a very long time, and they are perfect for any house because they look beautiful, are strong, and add value. They make your rooms look more attractive by giving them a cozy and welcoming feeling. Furthermore, wooden floors are valued for their lasting quality and the possibility of being sanded down and refinished several times, which makes them a durable option for house owners. Our best hardwood resurfacing floor company in Wellington, CO offers services to install hardwood flooring that aim for top-quality outcomes. We start by having a detailed discussion to know what you need, what you like, and the special features of your house. Our group of skilled experts has experience handling different kinds of hardwood and designs, making sure they fit well with your desired style.

Our quality residential hardwood floor contractors make sure your floor looks good and lasts long by using the best materials and modern methods for putting it in place. When you select our services, you choose high-quality work and lasting beauty. We can assist in improving your house’s worth and appearance with our professional hardwood floor installation services, which will bring pleasure for many years ahead. Hire us now!

Choose Our Laminate Flooring Services in Wellington, CO For the Best Results

Laminate flooring offers flexibility and is a good value option compared to classic wooden floors. It has several layers; one for lasting wear, another with designs that imitate wood or different materials, and there is also a dense fiberboard at the center to keep it stable.

Our best waterproof laminate flooring services, which are without comparison, aim to give our customers outstanding quality and worth. We provide many laminate choices that have very life-like patterns of wood grain and textures, similar to what you find in natural hardwood.

 If you like the warm colors of oak, deep shades of cherry, or the modern appearance of bamboo, our expert wood laminate flooring contractor offers an ideal laminate floor option that fits your taste and financial plan. Our laminate flooring is not just strong and looks good, but it’s also very simple to take care of – you just need to sweep it often and sometimes mop it. If you choose our kitchen & bathroom laminate flooring installation services in Wellington, CO, we will make sure that your floor is put in correctly so it lasts a long time and keeps looking great for many years in your house or place of business.

Client Testimonials

Jace Adkins
Jace Adkins
Dino and his crew did a fantastic job on lacing in new 2 1/4" red oak floor and refinishing roughly 800 square feet. They were very clean, especially considering our old floors were being sanded down! All of the work was completed efficiently, and we are extremely happy with the work that Blazing Hammer LLC did.
Kay Gayton
Kay Gayton
One year ago Dino and his crew expertly extended my existing oak floor into the hall and foyer. It looks great. If I decide to change the flooring from carpeting to wood in another room, I would call this company.
Cathy Goza
Cathy Goza
They did my hardwood floors a couple of years ago and I still get great customer service from them. I've had some water damage and scratches that needed attention and Dino came right out and took care of things for me. I recommend them highly.
Marie OConnell
Marie OConnell
Dino and his crew refinished our oak floors and blended in a few areas of new wood as well. They were efficient, pleasant and did a great job. They cleaned up every day and came when they said they would. I highly recommend the Blazing Hammers crew. (Fort Collins 2015)
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